Sunday, March 29, 2009

Three Days, Part I

Only three days to the Denver Auto Show. Updates:
- LH4 parts are all on the chassis and primered. Painting today and tomorrow.
- The LH3 belly pan is painted and on the chassis. We will be showing the drivetrain in the LH3 chassis at the show and our youngest team member has painted the different parts to match the coloring on our new animation of the drivetrain (animation to be posted soon). Free t-shirt to first person to correctly identify these two painted drivetrain parts... leave a comment including a way to contact you.

- The interior dash is fully molded and the mold will be in the LH4 for the show.

- The seats look awesome.


jglix said...

The blue is the high pressure tank and the green is the hydraulic motor.

Do I win?

I saw no other comments.

jglix said...

my info...