Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Denver Auto Show Set-up

We were at the Colorado Convention Center today setting up our booth.

We had some tiles that look like the stone footing the car is on in many of the renderings so we put that in. And didn't like it so we took it back out.

We put up the huge TV stands and info boards. And then we wandered around looking at the cars. Our booth is close to Mazda and the antique car club and Lamborghini. There may or may not have been drool on our chins.

At 6 p.m. the show manager came over and asked where our car was. Evidently all cars were supposed to be on the floor by 6 p.m. tonight. We didn't find that tidbit anywhere in the exhibitors handbook - our handbook it said that exhibits had to be finished by Noon on 4/1 - tomorrow.

They cut us some slack and we have until 8 a.m. tomorrow to have the car there.

Thankfully it came out of the paint booth this evening. It is drying and being detailed. Hopefully the snow storm that is forecast for tomorrow will hold off to the afternoon.

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