Monday, April 6, 2009

We Survived

After five long days at the Denver Auto Show the LH4 is back in the shop.

Our staff team is taking a week off to recuperate. We will catch you next week when we are back and focusing on the drivetrain.

In the meantime a few highlights for you:

- At least 5,000 people through our booth.

- The large number of people who wished us well.

- The couple who drove all the way from South Dakota just to see our car.

- Kenny from the custom bike booth who came and polished the car a few times every day. If you need a professional detailer - one of the best in the business - let us know and we will give you his number. - Shantel, a professional massage therapist, who gave our team chair massages at the close of the show. She's got the magic touch, and we might share her number if you ask nicely.
- Our t-shirts were so popular that quite a few got swiped (at least 20). - The chassis/drivetrain display was a huge hit and really helped to explain our technology.

A few more pictures:

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JAndre said...

Flew in from NC for the car and it was totally worth it! Mentioned that I follow the blog and scored a great shirt. Sweet talked Paul and got another one for my husband (oops, let me know if I need to mail in my $20 for that). Great to meet the entire team! Keep up the great work!!