Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free T-Shirt?

Coming to the Denver Auto Show? If so, mention that you read our blog and get a free Lightning Hybrids Premier Edition collectible t-shirt.

(while supplies last)


Eric said...

What's the rule if we can't get to Denver for the show, but follow the blog closely?

Lightning Hybrids said...

Email me at bonnie at lightninghybrids dot com and we can work something out.

Vidler said...

Went to the Denver Auto Show yesterday. The only thing we saw that got us excited was the LH4. Now that's what auto shows are supposed to be about--something new and daring; not that stuff from yesterday with a new coat of Detroit paint. Those guys at Chrysler and GM deserve to get kicked out on their butts. (When we asked one of their reps about why they didn't have the Volt there for us to look at, the response was, "well, Denver's too small a show for us to bring it." My feeling about that kind of arrogant response is if they don't want to market the hell out of the only new thing they've got to show the public then they don't deserve anyone's business). You go Lightning. Can't wait to see your cars on the road!