Friday, January 9, 2009

Set Up Shop

We have completed 3 weeks of extensive shop setup, running 3-phase electricity, compressed air, and setting up benches, tools, welders, CNC equipment, and material handling systems.

We have twelve thousand square feet in our new garage and office space. (Pictures coming.) The building is a nearly 100-year-old structure in downtown Loveland that has most recently been used as an automotive shop, so we had hoped that at least the basic infrastructure for the Lightning Hybrids space would be in place, but unfortunately that was not the case.

Nevertheless, we are excited about the functionality, location, and usefulness of the space. We have also completed the full-scale tear-apart of a gorgeous Mazda Miata that is serving as our chassis donor car. It has been hard to disassemble such a beautiful running car that did not have a scratch on it. Anyone need a 2006 Miata engine, transmission or body parts? The initial Pro/E designs of the 3 and 4-wheel cars are both nearing completion.

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