Friday, January 23, 2009

Do You Ever Wonder What Those Odd Things Are When You See Them Rolling Down the Highway?

Well, now you know - it is a router. As mentioned before it will allow us to cut our own vehicle body molds and parts.

We are excited that our router arrived today! It is brand spanking new and comes from DMS, a Colorado Springs-based manufacturer.

It only took dismantling the door, several hours of unloading, maneuvering and situating to get it into place.

Thankfully the shop is now clean and looking good enough to sport such a great piece of equipment!
(Don't worry we're still planning to have a carbon-fiber vehicle body. We just HAD to try out our new toy, er tool with some random scraps of wood we had.)

One delivery down... we're still waiting on our European VW engines...

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