Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lightning Hybrids to Raise $1.5 Million in Capital Through One-Year 10% Secured Notes

We have had many requests about how to invest in Lightning Hybrids - well, now we have an investment opportunity for you. We are raising capital to fund the final leg of the Hydraulic Hybrid Systems retrofit pilot project (which will, in turn, fund the future prototyping of the LH3 and LH4.)

This effort will be our first debt offering (We currently have no debt) and will be in the form of a one year secured convertible note. The note will pay ten percent interest and you will have the option to convert the note to equity at a discount when due at the end of one year (standard legal fine print, of course.) The minimum investment is $50,000. If you and/or someone you know are interested in knowing more please contact Bonnie.

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