Thursday, August 20, 2009

Current Engineering Projects

Here is a list of engineering projects our team is currently working on:

- Working on the coordination of the hydraulic hybrid system including assembly and manufacturing proponents - both electrical and mechanical.

- Designing the hydraulic circuit, making sure all the components work well together.

- Designing the acceleration and brake pedals, as well as the power transfer sprocket assembly.

Power transfer sprocket assembly

- Putting the finishing touches to the hydraulic control unit (HCU). The HCU consists of the digital controller which executes the control algorithms as well as the analog sensor and the power controller interfaces to the hydraulic pump/motor, the brake and acceleration pedals and the Engine Control Unit.

- Working on an animation demonstrating the hydraulic hybrid retrofit system. The use of robust modeling and animation software aids in the ability to take concepts and bring them to light in a aesthetically pleasing and timely manner. It also provides a good medium in which people who may not have a hydraulics or engineering background can grasp the concepts with minimal explanation.

Updates on these projects will be posted soon.

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