Thursday, July 16, 2009

Engineering TV Series Complete

Full Lightning Hybrids series on Engineering TV up now: click here.

(Be sure to watch the entire episode. It starts with four minutes then a short commercial break and then another three minutes.)

Thanks to Engineering TV (also Loveland-based, by the way) for the great coverage! Curtis Ellzey and Terry Knight did a great job and we are excited to have the professional documentation of our technology.

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Eric said...

Great show! Very interesting look at the car... There are a couple things I thought of.

First, it would be great to see a video from inside the car, so we could get an idea what it sounds like.

Second, Jude talked about having human drivers drive the car so they could develop a "fuzzy logic" controller to obtain the highest possible fuel efficiency. What about doing a cross country race? Build a number of prototypes with all the data logging built in, and have teams (sponsored if possible) race from coast to coast. In between each leg you could do a PR "green car" rally. You could do certain legs for efficiency, others for performance, and have tons of data to pore through after it was all done. Marketing and research all in one!

That car is looking great guys, keep up the good work.